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Sowing the Seeds of SECEP: Students Produce Their Own Radio Spots to Promote Plant Sale

Inside a quiet recording studio, 4 SECEP students from Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach worked the microphones. They told Hampton Roads radio-land how they grow plants and flowers from seedlings. They talked about the different kinds of vegetables and hanging baskets they've been busy cultivating almost every day.

After their voices were recorded RJ, Aaron, Alexis and Detrevian collaborated with the engineer during the editing process to decide which audio clips to use, and to choose the right music bed to make their spots stand out and best tell their story.

The radio campaign's goal was to promote SECEP's Annual Spring Plant Sale going on 2 consecutive Fridays 9 am to 3 pm:

April 21:

Renaissance Academy 5100 Cleveland St in Virginia Beach

April 27:

369 South Battlefield Bvd. in Chesapeake

Listen to their great work below...

SECEP, the Southeastern Cooperative Educational Program is the area's premier regional special and alternative education curriculum. Their stated goal is to 'build pathways for students and staff to learn, work, and play their way to success.' RJ explained why he enjoys working in the garden outside. "I love it. It makes me relax. It takes all the stress off my shoulders."

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